Facial treatments

Harmony Facial 1h 15min / 99 €

Facial care based to individual needs of the skin. The treatment begins with a foot bath warming up the body and opening up the senses for a delightful experience. After this pleasant treatment the facial skin will gloom. A long Ayurvedic massage on the head and facial area and a foot massage performed during the facial mask are all included to the package.

Vata – for dry skin
It will satisfy the thirst of your skin and restore the hydration. Tightness and dryness will be replaced by elasticity and softness.
Pitta – for sensitive skin
Pampers, calms and moisturizes the sensitive skin.
Kapha – for combination and oily skin
Refreshing and cleansing treatment which helps the skin to breathe. Brightens the looks.

Sensitive – Facial for extremely sensitive skin 1h 30min / 125 €

Harmonizing and calming treatment for sensitive skin. Softly hydrating treatment smooths over the skin pigment. Includes a long Ayurvedic massage for the head and facial area and foot massage during the facial mask.

Energy – Facial for the youth (age 10-16) 1h / 70 €

Skin treatment optimized by the individual needs of the customer. Gentle deep cleansing Neem- mask will brighten the skin. The treatment includes comprehensive guidance to skin care and provides advice essential to effective care of the skin now and in the future. A long head area and facial massage ensures a pleasant and wonderful experience.

Clarity facial 1h 30min / 125 €

When you want the most impressive and visible results this facial treatment is the answer. Revitalizing and rejuvenating treatment includes brightening AHA-peeling and unique ampoules that deep moisturizes and energize your skin. Facial deep tissue massage and eye contour treatment also belong to the specialties of this activating entity. Treatment and the skin care products used at home are essential to be synergistic to maintain the best results. 

Relaxing Body Treatments

Ayurvedic Full Body Massage 1h 30min / 95 €, 2h / 126 €

Begins with a relaxing herbal foot bath and continues with a full-body massage based on Ayurvedic wisdom, includes facial and the head area massage. The Ayurvedic massage oil selected by the aroma together with the rhythm of the treatment and music create a fully relaxing experience.

The Heavenly Stones 1h 30min / 100 €, 2h / 133 €

Full-body massage including the head area, treatment begins with herbal foot bath. This treatment embraces the body with pleasant warmth giving a deep relaxation and reducing muscle tension.

Ayurvedic head and facial massage 1h / 68 €

This balancing treatment begins with a herbal foot bath and relaxes the body, calms and clarifies the mind and thoughts. In the facial area this treatment is focused on activating the Marma points.

Royal bali full body massage 1h 30min / 95 €, 2h / 126 €

Relaxing, energizing and stress decreasing full-body massage from head to toe. This mind calming and luxurious treatment has been developed in Bali for the royalty. Be the Queen or King of your own life.

Lapland Spa Menu

Luxurious spa experiences which includes the touch of the magical arctic nature

Lapland dream 2h 30min / 178 €

Herbal foot bath, back scrub, full body massage with hot stones and a complete facial treatment. After the treatment we serve the greetings from the mountains wich includes non-alcoholic sparkling wine with sweet and salty treats.

Heavenly stones 1h 30min / 100 €, 2h / 133 €

Herbal foot bath and a full body massage with hot stones. After the treatment we serve the greetings from the mountains wich includes non-alcoholic sparkling wine with sweet and salty treats.